Can we stop pushing unwilling, unfit, or uninterested parents on children?

Every year on Father’s Day, as a solo mom, I receive messages from friends and family commending me for wearing both metaphorical parenting hats. I appreciate the acknowledgment for running a household and raising a child solely on my own, both physically and financially. Still, I want to say that…

People may not realize how hard it is to celebrate yourself on a day when the world expects others to do it for you.

Mother’s Day is approaching, and as a single mom, I don’t look forward to it. I get anxious in the weeks prior. Ever since I was a child, there was always some unspoken rule about how Mother’s Day would go down. There were projects made at school, flowers, presents, breakfast…


Bay Area Misfit Mom originally from the Midwest, writing with compassion, color, and candor about the way things are and how they could be.

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